~ Sobre Ocean Yoga ~

When our mind is empty like a lonely beach, our breath and our movements, like the wind combines with the waves, we can feel the powerful silence like a vast ocean within us.
And our inner light can shine lovingly, like the sun above the horizon.



We all have a place of power.
A place where we refuel ourselves, where we feel secure and at home, where everything is just right at this moment in which we are now.
The place where we have the peaceful feeling of being able to breathe deeply, to feel our own re-connection, to feel our being alive powerfully.
This place is like an ocean, an infinite source of power, depth, amplitude, and love.
Each of us has this powerful feeling ever felt, at different places and in different moments.
Yoga helps us to reconnect to that feeling.
Because this powerful source has its true origin within us.
In each one of us.
Through yoga we can not only feel that connection again, but to take this inherent well as a resource of power for us and integrate it into our daily lives.
We can strengthen ourselves and recharge our batteries, bring peace and serenity in our daily life, bring mindfulness into the moment and the flow of life itself.
This inner sense of peace and strength is like an ocean, and each one of us has this ocean inside oneself.