~ Retiro de Yoga y Desarrollo Personal ~

Nivel:  Todos los niveles

~ Individual Yoga & Coaching Retreat ~

An individual retreat is the perfect place to reclaim  your own inner power and uniqueness.

Sometimes we need to escape from our daily life ,we need some clearing to own ourselves again- to create some space and literally  recreate and connect ourselves- with who and what we really are.

This retreat will empower you to stand in your values and gain equanimity to experience joyful peace, strength and balance in your body, mind and soul.

With Yoga, holistic coaching & energy work i will show you techniques and the tools and how to apply them:

  • how to replenish and regenerate yourself,
  • how to reconnect with your own innate source of power,
  • to support your personal transformation and healing,
  • to gain clarity and insights on all levels,
  • to claim your own power back, and discover your own potential and unique gifts.


To me coaching is never about ´advice.

It is about validating, nurturing, and strengthening the greatness which you bring courageously to each session — bestowing me with the honor to share in your life and growth.