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Yoga & Kitesurfing Holidays at the Costa de la Luz

where the ocean meets the sky…

Give yourself a break and join for a fun and recreative yoga and kitesurf holiday at the Costa de la Luz, the “Coast of Light”.

Here you will soak up the light, walk on endless and unspoiled beaches, practice yoga, enjoy the peaceful nature and feel the power of the elements and have fun learning kitesurfing.

Start your day with an uplifting yoga session and get your energies flowing again.

The daily yoga sequences are specifically optimized for kite surfers to keep your whole body in balance where all kinds of levels and beginners can fully enjoy and take advantage of its benefits.

As the classes are scheduled with your other activities, they can be held either morning or late afternoon.

For the rest of the day, you are free to explore the surrounding, visit the white villages or simply relax.

What’s included:

• 3 days - full intensive course of kite-surfing lessons ( 1 kite per 2 students), providing newest material from airush plus complete equipment (wetsuit, helmets, lifejackets, harness) and insurance for course        included

• 3 days yoga and meditation sessions

• 1 massage

• 7 nights accommodation in your own house/ Apartment-studio


1 week Single Holiday ( 1 person): from €

1 week Double Holiday ( 2 persons): from €

 *prices depending on availability of accomodation & season

Accomodation April- 30th September:

Conil de la Frontera Beach Accomodation 

*Accomodation rest of the dates:

Conil de la Frontera Cortijo

* How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Nearest airports are Jerez de La Fronter, Sevilla, Malaga, and Gibaltrar.

Additional information
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The Costa de la Luz is a section of the Andalusian coast in Spain facing the Atlantic.

Aside from the beaches and the sunshine, there are ample opportunities and facilities for leisure activities, like fine dining, golf, kite surfing, boating, and other water sports.

The Costa de la Luz is especially noted for the beauty of its protected natural reserves and a number of first-rate natural attractions.

Among them are the Doñana National Park, where endangered species, such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle, also known as Adalbert’s Eagle (Aquila adalberti), and the Iberian Lynx (Felis pardina), can occasionally be sighted.

The other attractions are the picturesque Bay of Cádiz; the steeply-pitched shorelines of the southern section of the Andalusian coastline; the salt marshes of Barbate and the seaside cliffs at La Breña (both within the La Breña y Marismas del Barbate Natural Park); and the sprawling wetlands at the mouths of the rivers Tinto and Odiel, where there is a profusion of water fowl and, in season, other migratory birds, including storks and flamingos.


• Cadiz town - 45 minutes by car

• Conil de la Frontera - 15 minutes by car

• Gibraltar - 60 minutes by car

• Jerez de la Frontera - 40 minutes by car

• Malaga - 120 minutes by car

• Santa Lucia water falls - 30 minutes by walking

• Sevilla - 110 minutes by car • Tarifa - 45 minutes by car

• The beach - 10 minutes by car

• Vejer de la Frontera - 10 minutes by car

Things to do

• Discover one of the most beautiful white villages of Andalucía Vejer de la Frontera up on the mountain

• Get enchanted by the waterfalls of Santa Lucía

• Horse riding on the beach and through the ancient pine forests of Conil de la Frontera

• Take a trip to the capital town Cadiz with its famous cathedral and scenery of alleys and buildings and European´s oldest port

• Watch whale and dolphin in Tarifa