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Ocean Yoga Elements - Yoga for Kitesurfer, Wind & Ocean lovers


Boost your moves & your performance on the water

Watersport specific Yoga Basics

3 lectures are FREE - click to go on preview

Faster results & more benefits in less time for overall flexibility

Simple, easy and effective lectures in 4- 17 minutes


Access your inner and outer muscle body

Learn how to use Biomechanics, Laws of physics, and cutting edge anatomy for healthiest joints


Create your own personal Yoga practice

Individual access to all lectures, downloadable, App for iOS and Android available

Get the powersteering feeling in your body


Prevent injuires, maintain healthy joints & flexible muscles

Focus on the anatomical reality of your body


Stretch and release muscles that hold tension and tightness

Warm up & Cool down sessions


Feel relaxed and energized

Breathing exercises like pushing buttons in your body

Develop freedom in movement & focus in mind

deep relaxation & guided meditation


        3 hours tutorial includes:
- more than 30 DOWNLOADABLE individual lectures ( access via app for iOS and Android)
- 20 best basic stretches for water sports in 4-17 minutes sessions
- customized and designed for specific body areas ( upper body- arms, shoulders etc., and lower body- low back, hips, legs and overall exercises)
- more than 30 basic Yoga postures ( Asanas)
- more than 20 different  Stretches
- 3  warm up sessions
- 1 cool down session
- 2 breathing techniques ( Pranayama)
- 3 meditation & deep relaxation sessions
- 1 Bonus Session : Warm Up Flow (English version)
- 1 Bonus Session: Cool Down Flow (English version)