~ Special Kitesurfers ~

As one of the hottest up and coming water sports in the world, kitesurfing is quickly gaining popularity and followers all over the world. An exciting and intense sport, kitesurfing is a great way to tune into nature, as your body and senses must be fully aligned with not only the waves, but the wind as well.

Both spiritual and physical, kitesurfing and yoga work together for a clearer mind and a stronger body, with high mutual benefits.

Yoga combines the power of mind and body, aiming to create a perfect balance.

Kitesurfers need deep focus and optimum shape to attain their in-water goals.

A yoga routine can provide huge benefits to a kitesurfer, among which more focus, confidence, balance, energy, endurance, vitality,

flexibility, longevity and ultimately performance.

Yoga is an excellent physical and mental tool for kitesurfing and ultimately for your life.

As kitesurfers, we thrive on the energy of the ocean. We feel totally alive when we connect with the power of the elements of nature and awaken the essence of our being. And when we can’t get our kites pumped and get onto the board to ride the wind - we grow restless and out of sort and start to wonder what kind of shape we’ll be in the next time we get to kitesurf. Thankfully, we can turn to yoga to bring our minds and bodies back into balance, maintain and increase our strength and flexibility, and ultimately improve our performance in the water.


"The reason there are so many peeps (in the yogaclasses) is not just because this is such an AMAZING workout! The reason there are so many peeps is because you spend the rest of the day and evening relaxed, calm, strangely energized and high as a kite. 85% of disease is stress related this is not just fitness it's wellness!"

Bryan Kest, Founder of Power Yoga