~ Massages ~


Replenish and nourish yourself with a massage at the comfort of your home or holiday accommodation.

Energetic Healing Massage:

-is a non-invasive manual treatment that is safe, gentle, calming and nurturing.

This assists the client to still the mind, relax the body and allows for a deeper state of peace and relaxation to take place.

It stimulates the body’s natural healing response simultaneously on all levels (physical. mental and emotional). It balances and raises the natural flow of your life-energy thus supporting your health and well-being.


Deep Relaxation Massage:

  • is tailored to release tension and tightness , those "knots and knuckles" from the muscles and the fascia*.
  • is rejuvenating for your body and mind

It works through all the layers of the physical body deep to the bones and joints and it will bring you back to feeling calm and deeply relaxed.

Organic oils with soothing scents and relaxing sounds support the floating sweetness of your energies in your body.

It’s a soft and holistic massage that focusses not only on the tight or tense areas of your body,  but on your whole well-being.

It is a superb treatment for your body, mind &soul.





For your appointment & more infos please contact

For your appointment please notice :

  • The location needs to be easily accessible for a portable massage table, thank you!
  • All reservations & bookings need to be at least 24hours in advance
  • Prepaid or cash on site.


*What is fascia?

Fascia is the principal connective tissue in the body, forming a continuous 3 dimensional web which surrounds and supports all muscles and organs of the body, holding them in place to give the unique appearance of each individual. It is arranged in layers from superficial to deep, separated by loose connective tissue allowing motility. The layers are functionally continuous with the other main connective tissues: the muscles, tendons, ligaments, periosteum and bones themselves.
Each layer of fascia is made up of varying proportions of collagen and elastin fibres set within a supporting proteoglycan matrix. Recent research has shown some fascia also contains small amounts of smooth muscle, indicating an active contractile function as well as a passive mechanical role.
Fascia reaches down deep into the muscles and organs to act as a conduit for many varied nerves and vessels, facilitating metabolic as well as physical support. It is highly innervated and clearly has a strong proprioceptive role. The loose connective tissue also acts as a reservoir of metabolites and can act as a store for the "by-products of illness or excess". source:http://www.fascialrelease.co.uk/pages/fascial_release.html