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Private Yoga sessions with Petra

Personal Yoga is as individual as you are yourself.

Personalized lessons are the quickest and most effective way to enjoy and benefit from a Yoga practice.

Since every person is different, the personal wishes and needs can be fully met in a personal Yoga class .

The private yoga session can take place at home, office, hotel or the yoga studio. Spatial and temporal flexibility allow the yoga class to be easily incorporated into the daily routine.

The sequences are aligned to individual requirements, so that it is precisely dealed with the health and physical conditions and requirements
A holistic yoga class includes: Asana-body exercises, pranayama- breathing techniques, deep relaxation and meditation.
Different objectives, such as strengthening and stretching of certain parts of the body, strengthening of internal stability, reducing stress, meditative focus, or even chakraconcentration are accessible to a very effective way in personal yoga.

Ocean Yoga offers something for everyone ~ whether you are a total beginner, or a teacher yourself, whether you want a dynamic, energetic session, or to explore stillness and silence, Ocean Yoga has something to suit your needs and interests. 

Depending on your wants and needs, your private Yoga lesson can focus on any psycho-physical aspects and benefits through yoga, breathwork and meditation, or the spiritual aspects of your path with yoga or combine both!




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