~ Coaching / Mentoring ~

Recalibrate your life….live your dreams, live from your heart….


Coaching requires an active role from both coach and client.

It requires that a client is ready for change and it insists that

you take effective action steps in order to create your own desired results.

If you need help finding new ways to increase your success.

If you are stuck in neutral.

If your goals seem to get lost.

If you want to be more powerful and fulfilling.

If you are ready to take new action steps.


Coaching helps to regain access to your own inner knowledge and wisdom, to gain clarity and regain a greater perspective on life.


Coaching does not provide you with answers, yet empowers you to find these by yourself.


It can help not only to deal with difficult situations, decisions and emotions,  but to recognize the lesson behind those situations and to resolve the cause beyond them or to transform them.


finding and establishing self- confidence. becoming more self conscious, gaining containment, security and your own inner strength.

feeling more comfortable in this world and in your own body

dealing more sovereign with fears, worries and problems

acting out more successful of an inner place of peace and a state of equanimity


increasing your own energy, vitality and joy

strengthen the indepence from external influences and empowering your personal charisma


identifying emerging issues, problems, and repetitive situations

clarifying and resolving blockages and imbalances in your body

maintaining a positive focus

and cultivating a strong and healthy connection to and with yourself, your self-confidence and your intuition

connecting you with your highest potentials and gifts and expressing them into the world.


This is what it is all about in my work ... to help you to discover the conscious and unconscious patterns and to resolve and to heal beliefs and traumas that  keep you from your  true wealth that you really are experiencing.

Not the person who you think you are or what your past experiences have brought you what you think about yourself, but who you really are!


My experience with this work and the results that I see every day have helped me to develop a deep trust in the process, and a sensitivity to the needs of each individual.


Your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Through my own journey of healing and transformation, I have explored many ways and have put this fundamental relationship in the center of everything.

How do you feel about yourself and how you relate to the world?

On which level do your solve your problems?

What do you really think about you and your reality and what impact does this have on the way how you live your life?

Questions to which you already have all the answers and more than that: all the innate wisdom just waiting there to reveal to you and your highest good and potential- this is what i will support you in.



FREE clarifying call ( 15-30min) Send me an email to set up a meeting online.

Single coaching session online (60min) 

6 weeks coaching retreat programme online

weekly sessions and personal call ins 


3 months coaching retreat programme

online  weekly sessions and personal call ins 


6 months coaching retreat programme online

weekly sessions and monthly personal call ins 


Yoga & Coaching Retreats for Personal Transformation and Growth

1 week

2 coaching sessions, accomodation

 (optional half/ full board, Yoga and energetic treatments, additional coaching sessions)

2 weeks 

4 coaching sessions, accomodation

 (optional half-/ full board, Yoga and energetic treatments, additional coaching sessions)


"Life is a sacred journey undertaken by the soul.

Do it as an expression of your highest and truest nature."