~ Individueller Yoga Urlaub in Andalusien ~


Dein Yoga Urlaub in Andalusien: 
 Individuelles Yoga Retreat

 Yoga Retreat Conil Gruppe 


Why a Yoga retreat?

Sometimes we need to escape from our daily life ,we need some clearing to own ourselves again-
to create some space and literally recreate and connect ourselves-
with who and what we really are.

An individual Yoga retreat in Conil is the perfect place to reclaim your own inner power and uniqueness.

A Yoga retreat will empower you to stand in your values and gain equanimity to experience joyful peace, strength and balance in your body, mind and soul.



"It serves a spirit every now and then

to return to the ocean and

hear the ancient, familiar sounds

of waves crashing on the shore,

then softly receding back into the vast ocean,

reminding us,

returning us

to our first home

where we were rocked

and held and nourished

in water."

Lisa A. McCrohan