~ Clases de grupo ~

Clases en Grupo en Tarifa & Conil  ( inglés y/o alemán)


**Core Vinyasa Yoga for Kiters, Wind lovers & friends**  (english)

 @Los Lances Norte, @ ION Club, Valdevaqueros , @ Copacabana Garden,Valdevaqueros 

please contact for current schedule!

please notice the classes are open air &  check-in 1 day before class!

Tarifa: 14€ 

please contact & confirm personally to have your mat

All levels / beginners are welcome!

+34655281666 (whatsapp) Petra



Yoga on the beach Playa Fontanilla / Yoga at the park Atalaya

Conil: 12€  

please contact & confirm personally to have your mat

All levels / beginners are welcome!

+34655281666 (whatsapp) Petra

 Facebook Ocean Yoga 

Looking forward to practice with you!



The yoga classes will work on stretching, relaxing, decompressing and strengthening- to counterbalance and regenerate the whole body which will benefit to miminimize the risk of injuries.

A gentle, yet energizing flow of movement and breath. preparing your body for a great day on the water, relaxing the most overused outer body, cultivating awareness for your inner body, breath, and being, gaining flexibility and stretching your mind...to let your soul shine!

Breathing exercises are a key point in this practice to help you relax and increase your focus, alertness, and synchronicity in your movements.

You will learn how to use physics to lighten up your movements and gain a deeper grounded sensation of your body.

It’s a multilevel routine so you can continue to challenge yourself as you grow stronger on a physical and mental level.

Everyone/ every level of experience is welcome!